Flowers in the attic lifetime

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The twisted tale of four siblings Cathy Chris Carrie Cory who, after their father's death, are convinced by their mother to hide in the attic of their grandparents' mansion so she can reclaim the family fortune. But when her visits begin to wane, the children endure unimaginable treatment. and start to lose their mom love to her children Cathy & Chris pretend to be Carrie & Cory parents mom & dad they still sibling but still love and care for two young ones encourage them to the outside world but refuse not to their grandma brought them pouder donuts that was posion cory ate one that one night he was sick with unwelcome mother and grandma a very anger cathy deammand her mom to take her brother cory to the doctor refusing not to care for baby to doctor she than take cory to the doctor but by that time it was to late as cory was death was to soon chris convince cathy that they need to get carrie out of foxworth mansion with all the moneys and chris locking grandma in the attic as the three escape looking for help a man Paul Sheffield and took care them.

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